Achalochan House


We ditched our Copper telephone line connection giving under 5mbs and installed Starlink Broadband in June 2023. Needless to say it's an improvement!


Achalochan House was originally built in 2005 by the previous Owners as a purpose made B&B. All windows are double glazed to reduce draughts. Plentiful wall and roof insulation keeps the house toasty warm. The Self Catering accommodation on the first floor was totally updated in during the winter of 2021/22.  It is accessed via its own external staircase and is entirely separate from the Owner’s living area below. 

Energy Use

We use a 100% Green renewable energy Electricity supply from Octopus Energy. Energy efficient LED lighting has been introduced throughout. We inherited an oil fired Central Heating system and use Tado to efficiently control the heating.  We are actively researching how we can include an element of Air Source heating into this system.

Waste Water

Like many properties in remote rural areas on the Isle of Skye, we use a domestic wastewater treatment system, please help us by only flushing natural waste and toilet paper down the toilet. To ensure the highest standards, our system is registered with SEPA. 


Guests are encouraged to use the recycling bins at the rear of the property. We can currently recycle glass bottles, steel tins, aluminium drinks cans, plastic bottles, paper and cardboard. There's also a glass bottle bank on the road into Struan and in the car park in Dunvegan.

Cleaning Products

We supply Eco-Friendly biodegradable cleaning products, laundry detergent, dishwasher tablets and washing up liquids for our Guests to use, there's no need to bring your own. If you run out, just ask us for more. Please do NOT use bleach to clean as it kills off the helpful bacteria in the Water treatment system.