Ose Shoreline

Yes, we're biased and yes, we know it's about as local as you can get, but the shoreline just across the road from Achalochan House really is worth some time exploring.

The path to the Beach passes through Farmland and will often have Horses or sheep in the Fields. You MUST close and Fasten EVERY Gate EVERY time you pass through them. The Crofters (Farmers) will justifiably be angry if you leave any Gates open.

Pathway to the Beach

Leave the House and turn right.
Walk down to the main road
Cross the road and turn right.
Go through metal Gate 1. Shut and fasten the gate behind you.
Turn left straight on the gravel path then through Gate 2, shut and fasten the gate behind you. The wire fence should now be on you RIGHT. There is NO entry to the shore from the first field between Gate 1 and Gate 2.
Turn right towards the Sea and then head across the field towards the beach.
Go through Gate 3. Shut and fasten the gate behind you.
Straight ahead and onto the beach. Enjoy!

Loch Bracadale incoming tide.
Rockpool Sunset
Rock pools amongst the turf. Looking inland.
Seashell scavenging

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