Which Mountains Can I See From Achalochan House?

There’s a lot of Mountains and Hills visible from Achalochan House. All views are described as if standing on the drive by the road or from Achalochan Loft’s Decking.

A great Utility is Peak Finder and this link is the view from Achalochan House.

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Looking South

With the coast on your right and (mist permitting) you’ll see the Black Cuillin ridge. The peaks in the middle are 13.75 (22km) away. The highest peak in the Black Cuillin is Sgùrr Alasdair at 992 m (3,255 ft).

Looking West

Facing towards the Coast, the main area of water is the Sea Loch, Loch Bracadale, to your right, the Loch merges into one of it’s inner Loch, Loch Caroy.

You will be able to see 2 of Loch Bracadale’s 4 Islands.

  • Hidden to the far left is Wiay (pron “Waya”). 148 Hectares.
  • The Island straight in front is Tarner. The Centre is about 1.6 miles (2.7km) away. 28 Hectares. Look out for the Seals hauled out to rest on the shoreline .
  • Looking straight out to Sea, the far headland on the right is Idrigill Point at about 5 miles away (8km). Tucked just around the corner out of sight are MacLeod’s Maidens. The first peak coming inland from Idrigill Point is Ben Idrigill (340m) and then Ben na Boineid (371m).
  • Further to the right in Loch Bracadale is Harlosh Island at around 2.6 miles (4km) away. 28 Hectares.
Idrigill Point to MacLeod's Tables

Looking North West

The obvious flat topped hills are known as MacLeod’s Tables. The nearest, Healabhal Bheag (aka McLeod’s Table South) is 489m high and 5.6 miles (9km) away. The one to the North is Healabhal Mhòr (aka MacLeod’s Table North) is 471m high and is 6 miles (10km) away.

Looking East and North

The main view inland is dominated by open moorland, but those staying in Achalochan Loft (or walking higher up the track) may glimpse the massif of The Storr on the skyline which is 13 miles (21.6km) away. Unfortunately, The Old Man is hidden just around the corner.

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